God is Love (30)

Jul 03, 2016


God is Love (30)

                   1 John 4:8

Love always perseveres (5)

                                     1 Corinthians 13

Will our world survive?


I talked about the possibility of humanity destroying itself in the last meditation on the Love of God. We somewhat fearfully ask the question of God: “would You permit us to destroy ourselves?” At least from my perspective, it certainly appears as if God would permit the destruction and even the permanent loss of humanity. As I had mentioned earlier, God has been around for a very long ‘time’ (we can not really use the word ‘time’ with respect to God, as God operates outside of what we call time). Cosmologists have recently concluded there are billions of potentially habitable planets in the universe, so there is a strong probability that there are other types of sentient beings in our universe, let alone in any parallel universes outside our own, perhaps millions of them in our universe alone. Remember, there are an average of about 100 billion stars in a galaxy, and there are at least a hundred billion galaxies, and they have concluded that there are planetary bodies around almost all stars.

Kind of humbling isn’t it. We may be only one of millions of other sentient beings in our own universe. Now there may be none in existence right now, since the time span of our own existence (70,000 years or so) is a tiny fraction of the age of our universe, let alone the infinite age of the eternal cosmos. And even more remote is the possibility of sentient beings that we could communicate with, as it has been less than 50 years that we have had the technology that might, just might, be able to communicate with someone outside our solar system – and the closest star is several light years away!

So would God let us destroy ourselves? I believe the answer is yes, for we have total free will to do as we wish. The technology that allows us to “do greater things than this” in our ordinary world also gives us the freedom to extinguish life as we understand it on our planet.

That same free will also gives us the opportunity to mature into the level of beings that would begin to recognize Who We Really Are: the Image of God.

That we are the Image of God is a mind boggling thought, one that potentially allows us to reach upward to create that kingdom of God on earth that each one of us carries around. (The Kingdom of God lies within.) The potential beauty of the possibilities are wonderful, as is the potential destruction of our planet by our foolishness.

But you see, God will persevere despite all that we do to prevent it. We are the image of God, created as such out of the realm of God that we can just begin to understand, and we stand upon the illusory round ball in this illusory planet, able to think, see beauty, and imagine all the wonders around us.

So no matter what we imagine ourselves doing, we are all wrapped up in the Love of God that knows no bounds, and holds us despite all we think we are doing. God understands that we have little grasp on the magnificence that is ours, for as we work our way towards maturity, the risk is that we may destroy all that we have too soon.

Thus our religions have to reinvent some portions of their beliefs to allow for the maturing knowledge that tells us so much about who we are.

Change all beliefs? Certainly not. But the changes humanity has added to the founders teachings are enormous, and would have the founders “turning over in their graves” if they could talk to us. All of them would put their feet down firmly, and say “You Got Me All Wr0ng, as the title of a popular book by Neale Donald Walsch puts it. The original teachings had it right: we have it wrong when we ‘adjust’ those teachings to fit our illusions, and the need of our egos.

Why do we do this, and why have we not progressed further in the 5000 years that our religions cross?

We will look further next time.

Clap you hands, all you nations;

Shout to God with cries of joy.

Psalm 47:1 (NIH)


Font of Wisdom, You are so patient with us, for You know we are only children, even when we play with matches that could destroy us. Your Love and gentleness astound us, for we are blinded by our stubbornness, and follow foolish leads that bring only destruction down upon us. We are in much need of a push to head us to maturity, and I understand that sometimes it requires an enormous shock to awaken us to the next level. I pray that we will survive this shock, and I place myself into Your arms for shelter. I know that my soul is safe and immersed into that kingdom that lies within, so I am comforted by the knowledge that nothing can truly hurt or injure my being, but ask for your mercy during this time of change.

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