God is Love (29)

Jun 27, 2016

God is Love (29)

                   1 John 4:8

Love always perseveres (4)

                                     1 Corinthians 13

Can our world survive?

We are at a crossroad in the history of humanity. We have weapons of war that can decimate all life on this planet, and too many humans are at the level of thinking (or not thinking) that they would unleash these weapons to reach some goal or other. Instead, it would throw humanity into the darkness, where it may or may not ever again arise, certainly not for perhaps thousands of years.

Now this may not be such a bad thing, for it may take such a cataclysmic situation for humanity to arrive at a conclusion that perhaps it is wiser to get along rather than feuding over this ideal or that ideal.

And the most ironic part of this situation is that it is the thinking of the religions of the world that may cause such an event to occur. Religions, the so called living spirit of God, are instead the leading proponent to be the instrument of the end of life as we know it.

Perhaps it is time to look at the fundamentals of most religions and begin the task of filtering the teachings of the founders into the present world of the Living Truth that God has revealed over the millennia of the 70,000 years of sentient humanity.

What do I mean? I have used many of the phrases uttered by Jesus and brought out broad meanings that are not commonly used in Christian circles. Oh yes, you can find similar responses in some modern mystics, such as Thomas Merton or Richard Rohr, but I have never seen similar beliefs being expressed by the main stream clergy, of any branch of Christianity or other religions.

What occurred? Jesus told us that we were equal to God: “Greater things than this shall you do’, and “and if you say to this mountain be cast into the sea, and if you have no doubt, it will occur”. These profound leading statements have been ignored or badly interpreted, because to admit they may be correct is to open up vast areas of uncharted areas of potential mass changes in teachings. We are worthy to be able to have the kingdom of God within us or in our midst? Heaven forbid! You are an Image of God? Heaven forbid! That means that we can no longer be controlled. It also means that humanity has been challenged to mature – and is apparently failing that challenge.

The amazing part of this is that similar words appear in the works of the founders of almost all major religions. Even the Old Testament, the founding document of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims, starts out with Genesis, where we are proclaimed to be created in the very Image of God, nothing less than the Image of the Infinite.

Yet humanity continues to deny that we are indeed the very Image of our Creator, making us not just an image, but the reflection of God Itself, the reflection of that being that said It was Love incarnate, Love and only Love.

But the followers of the Masters who founded these religions could not accept this profound concept: it left their ego stranded, and meant that they had to become the servants of the members of that religion, and not the respected leader who was bowed to and fingers kissed, etc.

That was just too much to take.

So they changed the founders teaching to fit their own egoic needs, and quite frankly, made the ordinary citizen feel more comfortable, for now they 0nly had to follow the rules and they were ‘saved’, whatever that meant, and they did not have to think on their own.

Thus they did not have to rise to the level of that Image of God who they were meant to become.

More on this next time.

God says “Be Still, and know that I am God,

I will be exalted among the nations,

I will be exalted in the earth.”

Psalm 46: 10 (NIV)



My Living Being, I lay before you in peace and joy, for You are my strength and hope. We have made a mess of things, and find it so difficult to rise to the level you are beckoning us to reach. We have reached a level in human terms where we should be able to understand and rise to the level of Who We Really Are, but at the same time we are at a level of physical advancement wherein we can destroy life as we understand it. I place myself in Your arms, and am prepared to be the one you send into my environment to reveal Your face. I humbly ask only for the peace of being to be that servant in my world, and am grateful for the grace I receive as part of Your call to humanity to rise to reach that Kingdom that resides within us.

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