God is Love (28)

Jun 20, 2016


God is Love (28)

                   1 John 4:8

Love always perseveres (3)

                                     1 Corinthians 13

Can Humanity Persevere?

We have seen that perseverance is fundamental to the nature of God: consistency is one of the marks of God. But what about humanity? Can humanity persevere? Or to put it more fundamentally, can I persevere? Everything we see around us, even examining our own lives and the inconsistencies that we live, how can we say that we persevere? At first glance, it seems discouraging: the wars that are scattered about the earth, the fear and anger and hatred that seems to permeate most of our planet (according to the news), the lack of consideration for the most vulnerable in the world, the need that so many feel in this country, that guns will solve all problems, and therefore we must kill another for whatever reason, and so many ills that are screamed about in our media that seems to overwhelm all that we do.

But we fail to see all the goodness that permeates the world in quiet but meaningful ways, the things that are done to ease the pain of our world, but since they do not generate fear (and would fail to sell the thirsty and greedy needs of our media) they are ignored and forgotten about, unless you search them out and see for yourself.

One of my favorite groups, Doct0rs without Borders, operates in the most hostile environments in the world. Recently, horrendous reports of at least two of the facilities have been bombed by the US as part of the attacks on what was designated as terrorists areas, but was clearly marked as medical facilities, killing the personnel that have volunteered to work in these difficult areas, putting their lives in danger (and losing their lives) to help those injured by the byproducts of war. Our country has admitted the errors, but that has not helped the injured and killed, but still Doctors without Borders marches on, refusing to surrender to fear.

The world is full of groups that aid others. I receive 5-15 pleading letters each day from these groups, but I do not have sufficient funds to help all that could use financial aid. I feel torn, but I can only do so much, and the need is great.

These various groups help victims of torture, the starving in places like Ethiopia, leprosy, and many other needy causes and places. I feel saddened that the only news deemed worth reporting are stories of death, fear mongering, insults, hate, and other soul deadening forces. Even when talking about the good groups, it is only when they are killed or captured are they deemed worthy of being on the news, with very little ever said about the good work they do. This state of affairs has led me to avoid all news broadcasts, and almost all television, as doom and gloom do not feed my soul, and quite frankly, reading about these things can only deaden my soul, and seldom can they enliven my being, as while they are there, I can do nothing about these situations, except become deadened to where I can help others in my small way by being overwhelmed by these horrific stories.

Despite the lack of wide spread information on the work of these many groups, they do continue on, and are a sign that indeed, humanity can persevere despite all the discouragement thrown at the groups that are working for the salvation of the world, and the work of these groups are inspiring and bring me great hope for the future of humanity.

Yes, humanity can persevere. But the key question is: can you, and I, persevere? That is the question each of us must answer.

God makes wars cease

To the ends of the earth,

God breaks the bow

And shatters the spear.

                             Psalm 46: 9 (NIV)


My Eternal Wisdom, the love and generosity of humanity is startling to see, despite all the attempts by our media to suppress and ignore the good news. I bow in gratitude for all the efforts by so many in our society to bring joy and love to those suffering in out world, to ease the pain of the world itself in ways to bring life to our pale blue globe, and in all efforts to make your Love be felt, even when those doing the efforts see only the pain, for it is Your love that shines through their very being, knowing or unknowing. All are made in Your image, and that love which is Your very Being shines forth simply because that is what humanity is: Love. I place myself under Your care, and am grateful for any opportunity to be of service to Your order of perseverance that is at the core of our being at this time, being but an Image of You.

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