God is Love (22)

May 26, 2016

God is Love (22)
1 John 4:8

Love always trusts (1)
1 Corinthians 13

“But seek first the kingdom of God –
And all these things will be given
To you as well.”
                     Matt. 6:33 (ESV)

First I will look at our trust in God, for this is a two-way street. Jesus promised us a blessed life, if we but put our trust in God, our Wisdom Teacher, the One that creates Itself over and over into what we see as the Universe that dazzles us with it’s glory.
But life overwhelms us, we cannot believe that the God of the Universe would actually mean those words of Jesus: “And all these things will be given to you as well.” We worry and fret about everything: our finances, our relationships, where we will live, food on the table, clothes on our back, the next means of transportation, etc., etc. Somehow these gentle comforting words of Jesus slide right past us and we put them down as just platitudes to ease the “masses”.
Well, guess what. We are part of the “masses”, those who were meant to be comforted by the concept that indeed, God cares for you and me, and if we only put our trust in the Universal care of God, things will happen that may amaze us, but all will be well, for the kingdom of God is well indeed.
I have told many stories in the past of amazing synchronicities that have occurred in my life, from my glib taking the first job offered in Long Island that led to working for the founders of color television to meeting my wife; then 10 years later to a family vacation with four of our five children (the baby stayed with Eileen’s brother and his wife) that led to our moving to upstate NY and the glory of our home, plus oh so many more. All because I placed my trust in my higher power, my God, the Force of the Universe (what ever you want to call that force) that all would be well. And that continues unto today; I seek first that “Kingdom of God that lies within”, and rest easy knowing “that all else will be given to me.
Yes, it really is that easy. I have spent over 80 years living at that level, and I have never been disappointed. I just trust that all will be well, that indeed the blessed way of God is intact, that I have been blessed, and I need not worry. Yes, I do everything I see I have to do to move forward as I feel called, then place it in the hands of the Universal Power, and the response is always heaped up, beyond measure. And yes, life is life, where death and taxes always occur, but life is good anyway, and I could not feel more blessed.
And today? I am growing older, as is my wife of 55 years, and our time in this dimension of life is limited. But all is well, and I am happy to be in this Now, each day of my present life. I have trusted that God will supply ‘all else’, and life will be good until I transition to the new life that awaits.
My trust in God is my life. Nothing extends beyond that level. Everything I do is based on Trust in that Higher Power. It is so much integrated in my life that I no longer even think about it – it just is. As I sit here writing this, I realize that God is speaking to me as I write – that realization that that level of operation, that God guides everything I do, came out from my subconscious at the appropriate time: when I write these commentaries and meditations, God is flowing through me and telling me how things are. Thus as I write about my level of processing, it is true: God has said so just now. I bow in gratitude for that gift of insight.

You have made the Lord your defender,
The Most High your protector,
So no disaster will strike you,
To protect you wherever you go.
Psalm 91: 9-11 (GNT)

My God, my Wisdom, my Protector, I have placed myself in your enveloping Being all my life. You have guided me always; I trust you to guide me the rest of this passage in the realm of time and material. I give myself unto your care, I know beyond doubt that all will be well and You will smooth the path before me, no matter what it seems like in our realm of Time. I repeat myself every day: I trust you; I place myself in the care of Your Being, knowing, just Knowing, that all is well, and that I rest in the bosom of Your Love. I bow in gratitude for all that I have, for You have blessed me beyond measure. I weep for our world, for so many are in pain and do not see the glory of that Kingdom that lies within; open to all who look within and see that glorious realm that awaits us, if only we look beyond this world that grabs us so firmly.
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