God is Love (14)

Apr 17, 2016

God is Love (14)
1 John 4:8

Love keeps no record of wrongs (2)
1 Corinthians 13

Like Psalm 103 quoted at the end of the last posting, “As for humanity, their days are like the dust; They flourish like a flower of the field; For the wind passes over it, And it is gone, And its place knows it no more“, we know that we are indeed like the dust in the field, we flourish for a short while, then the wind of life passes over us, and we are no more. God knows our brief time on earth passes so quickly, and then we are gone to perhaps repeat this cycle another time. In the mean time, we come along the path of life to hopefully understand a little more of the incredible love of this God that is the All in All, Life eternal, and the source of all that we can understand. Our life span of 70-100 years is but a dot in the time-line of humanity, and the 70,000 years of cognitive humanity is but a dot in the time span of the universe, and the 13.7 billion year time-span of the universe is less than a dot in the infinite life of our God, the Source of All that ever was or will be.
Why would the one Being that is the Source of all for all eternity, existing in the level 0f no-time where all possibilities are present, even care about something that we mere mortals, in nothing more than a flicker within the immensity we are talking about, care enough to want to swat our insignificant self? I can answer that by pointing out that we are the very Image of this Creator, that as the Image, the Immensity of the Kingdom of God dwells in our being, and that God being who God is, knows us intimately and fills all that we are; therefore God does care what we do on this earth. But God is God, and as such God also understands the challenges we each face in this short time we have in this plane of physicality.
Somehow God is both the Eternal Being in the plane of no-time and the Loving pulse in the plane space-time that we exist in with our physical interface with the spiritual. But we must remember that we, too, are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and we will, too, return to that spiritual plane of no-time whence we came, when the wind of life blows us there.
So God is both the infinite Being of eternity and the loving being of our physical reality at the same time. God’s love draws us onwards, stumbling though we are, but still in the pull of the Love of God that fuels the earth we live on, is the very oxygen that we breath, is the fire in our gut that pulls us, and every human on earth no matter what they seem externally, where they are, what they say, or what they do. Ultimately when the wind blows and we are no more in this plane we will see and understand the plane of the Love of God.
Without exception.
We cannot miss.
It is built into our core being, as that wavelet of the infinite field of God, and our core is still perfection, as it was on the day it was created.
Therefore, no record of our doings need be recorded, as there is only one destination for all of us, and that is to be re-united with our Source, our God, as co-heirs with the Christ, as St. Paul said in Romans 8:17.

But the steadfast Love of God
Is from everlasting to everlasting
On those who love him.
                           Psalm 103: 17


My Beloved, You have shown me the path to eternity, the Loving path where all my struggles are healed and all pain is released. I bow in gratitude for this blessing, and give myself into your comfort and protection of my core being, this strange thing we call ‘soul’. You have, indeed, shown me the wonders of Your Being, each time I look into the eyes of another, and see the visage of You centered within their eyes. Oh my Soul, the center of my being, Your Love has flowed out and indeed I see the Kingdom of God within, filling every niche and cranny of not just my being but everything within the universe, every form of life, every form of existence, as all is Life in some form. I see that I am one with all, that the universe is within my being and my being is within the universe, that nothing separates us but illusion, the illusion of my ego attempting to become the core of my being rather than the Truth, the Kingdom of God.

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