Follower of Jesus (11)

Feb 05, 2017

Follower of Jesus (11)

Responding to a Humanitarian Crises (2)

Fr. Richard Rohr, the Franciscan mystic who writes a wonderful daily blog, said in his feed from the day of inauguration the following which expresses my feelings:

“Today in the United States we inaugurate a new president. While I pray President Trump leads with wisdom, compassion, and Justice, we cannot simply sit back and watch whatever unfolds. We the people have a tremendous responsibility to work together, to speak truth to power, to peacefully advocate for the rights of all being and the earth. This requires maturity and contemplative consciousness, empathy for the “other”, and courage to stand with those who are suffering. It is not a popular or easy path. But as human beings, we are called to be active participants in our salvation and mutual survival. I hope that by rediscovering the great gifts of Christianity we might live as our whole selves, becoming the united Body of Christ.”

God is calling each and everyone of us to join the body of Christ, to truly be one with each other and one in Christ, just as Christ is one in the Father/Mother. If we are to be truly ‘Followers of Jesus’ in truth rather than in only the easy things, our response, as outlined by Fr. Rohr, cannot be only ‘I will pray for them’, but a response where we stand up before others and proclaim who we are: “As a follower of Jesus, I proclaim that all have an equal right before God for justice and hope.”

This is not easy. I have tried writing to the editor of the Binghamton Press, but they are choosy who they publish, and I have not succeeded in cracking the barrier. Eileen (my wife) marched in the Women’s march in Binghamton with 3000 others, but with my recent back surgery I was not able to attend. I can write in these blogs (and I will) about the necessity to stand up and be counted. At my age of almost 83 I could be excused, but my soul will not let me. So I will speak as the opportunity provides, in any way I am led to speak, and will seek ways to open up for me to support those who are being downtrodden by the new rules.

Jesus died so that we could taste the freedom of soul that we were created to taste. When we were created by God for this life, the imprint in our souls was to be the Face of God on our planet. Some of us see that and search for that ideal viewpoint, but too many have become lost in the forest of human life that they fail to see that the majority of humanity are screaming to be free and to find the “Kingdom of Heaven that dwells within”, as Jesus put it.

But the heart of the matter lies that even if we have seen the oneness that Jesus has talked about, and think it is wonderful, we are still reluctant to be that Face of God in the areas where we dwell, for fear of igniting someone off and causing anger and other strong emotions. But if we are to be true to who we are, that Face of God, we must be willing to call others to see the truth. I have found in my own life that even though I may strongly disagree with what someone says, the thought is in my brain, and it will be digested and mulled over, and maybe, just maybe, my thoughts will shift a little, and move closer to agreement. Over time, and hearing similar thoughts expressed by word or by print, I have found major changes in thinking and behavior.

Next we will look at how Jesus would approach such a matter, based on how he approached situations in his own life.


Oh Font of Wisdom, I place myself in your arms. I trust you will guide me into the path that will express your will at this point of my life. Help me to express the glory of the Kingdom of Heaven that is within and without our being, so that the vision of being one in you as you are in the Father will be evidenced in my being for your greater glory. Ease my fears, and grant me the courage to act as your Face in our world, that is in so much need of hope and comfort.


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