Death is a Blessing (4)

Nov 15, 2015

Death is the Greatest Blessing (4)

“Who knows when the end is reached?

Death may be the beginning of life”

         Chuang Tse, 300bc

No one Dies Before Their Time of Completion

This comment is one of the most difficult to entertain that I have ever heard. Why does a loved one die when they die? Why did my niece, who was taking care of her mother with Alzheimer’s suddenly die from a brain tumor? Why did a 2 year old child of one of our neighbors suddenly die? Why did my cousin’s child have this terrible disease that took 24 hour care, with all knowing he would die before the age three, have to suffer so? Why the Holocaust? How can I say that no one dies before completing the purpose they came on earth to do?

Do we all have a purpose? Even the baby who dies a crib death?

Our Purpose is ours alone

Yes, we have a purpose. Oh, seldom is it a specific task like that of the great ones of our time, like Gandhi, but every human came on earth as part of the pattern that is woven in the tapestry of life, and if we allow it to flow through us, it creates the breathtaking pattern of God being revealed in our world, step by step. Even the Holocaust reveals a pattern of God; that pattern being caught within our response to that terrible event. Depending on our response or lack of response, the task may shift or adjust itself, but even then the ebb and flow of life moves through time and space to adjust the eternal view of the physicality that we exist within, so that the way we respond becomes the norm to which our life is during this round of existence.

Either we have a purpose in life, or we are just another random event with no meaning at all in the grand scheme of the universe. If there is a Universal Force that governs all, then we are a planned stage of growth in the universe, one with a reason to have a universe at all. Maybe not the only one, but one of the sentient beings who can ask “why”, as no other creature on earth can ask.

Quantum physics says our response to events (our ‘sensor’ of life events) creates our life; and that how we respond creates the life both in past time and future time, so our task adjusts with our response. From what I have seen and heard, the purpose is broad enough (to wake someone up from the ‘sleep’ they are in is a purpose I believe is common) that our general response, no matter how it is perceived in the present time, that task is fulfilled at the appropriate time in physicality so that the human life is transitioned at the appropriate moment, always.

It is extremely difficult for us in this plane of time bound physicality to ascertain what the task of a particular person is; that is what that soul choose before entering this round of physical life.

“No one dies before their time”

         Wayne Dyer

We Chose Our Life

Broadly speaking, we choose the life we live before we enter this world of physicality. (We will look at this later.) We choose the environment to fulfill our Purpose and we choose the purpose we will honor this round of physicality within. We even choose, from what I have come to understand, the general pattern that will lead to the moment of transition based on our life; but the details we live out is ours to choose each moment by moment. That is, I have lived my life as an engineer, but if I had chosen to live my life as a teacher the details would be different but not my purpose on earth, whatever that is.


Questions to Ponder

Do you see the pattern of God developing in your own life?

Do you see an overarching pattern in your life that somehow, someway, could be called a purpose for your life?

Do you feel a calling, push, pull, or some force in your life that you have or have not responded towards?


My Wisdom of Life, I let myself sink into Your Being, to let me understand as my life continues, that I have a purpose to fulfill, moment by moment, lifetime by lifetime. I know that you fill my life with Grace to live each moment as a fulfillment of my purpose on earth, no matter what it seems like on the outside. I also understand and accept that all events in my life somehow, someway, fulfill that purpose in life, that nothing happens by accident, that all events that my life encounters may be used to fill the purpose in life, even if those events, at the time of their occurring, seemed to me, to put it mildly, less than God centered. Somehow these events, especially the shadowy events, which seemed so off course at the time, have come to give me insights and understandings and acceptance of the shadows in my and others lives that haunt us and bless us. I now bow in gratitude for these guidances You have given me over the years to return to Your Blessings and to see You, even through the glass darkly, as it is still bliss.


Next I will continue this conversation on the timing of our death.


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